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Causes of Data Loss

If your device is affected by any of
the following issues, 
it is advised to
leave it switched off & contact us ASAP.

  • Device will not turn on

  • Unusual Noise

  • Power Surge / Outage

  • Viruses

  • Impact Trauma

  • Fire or Water Damage

  • Deleted Files

Devices Covered

  • Laptops & Desktop Computers

  • Tablets, iPads & Mobile Phones

  • USB Devices

  • CDs / DVDs

  • SD Memory Cards (SD/SDHC)

  • SSD (Solid State Disks)

  • Server/Raid/NAS

Common Faults

  • Damaged Screen

  • Hard Drive Clicking

  • Drive not Recognised

  • Data Corruption

  • Water / Liquid Damage

Any attempt to recover data without professional expertise may result in further data loss.

What is Data Recovery?

Data Recovery


Data Recovery is the process of retrieving data from a device or hardware that is no longer functioning, has been damaged, or where the information has become corrupt, deleted or is no longer accessible.


Will Data Recovery fix the device?


In the case of a damaged device, Data Recovery does not restore the device to its original functionality or repair it for future use. Any fixes to the hardware that do occur during the process are only deemed to be temporary to allow the data to be recovered. In this instance we do not recommend using the device going forward.


Operating systems and software


Due to licensing laws the Data recovery process will not recover or restore operating systems or installed software.


Warranty implications


Please be aware that the recovery process may void any vendor or third party warranties on the device. Please contact the warranty provider if you believe this needs to be preserved.


Turnaround times


The recovery time will depend on the severity of the data loss. Especially if the recovery falls under the Advanced or Advanced Plus service, where it will require additional work such as opening the drive and replacing the faulty parts. It is commercially in our interest to firstly be successful and secondly as quickly as possible, however some techniques will take time and cannot be rushed.

The Recovery Process


Once the item has been recieved it will be quarantined overnight due to Covid protocols and booked onto an internal system the next morning.


Booking a recovery is agreeing to the standard service, if the item can be recovered under this then we will proceed to do so. If it requires further work then you will be contacted explaining what service is required and why. At this point the customer has a choice to continue or not.

Standard Recovery 

Rig based recovery using forensic recovery tools and standard fixes.


Advanced Recovery

Extended engineering, board failures, f/w, physical failures not needing donor heads.


Advanced Plus Recovery

Head change in the clean lab, and chip level Nand recoveries. Donor parts are included but please be aware if we do not have stock we will need source an exact replica, which means from the same factory batch which is very specific and can cause longer lead times if rare or from small batches. Updates will be provided throughout this process.


On completion of a successful Recovery


Once the recovery is complete a file listing can be sent for review. If all is deemed good the data will be encrypted onto a media device and after payment will return it to store. The encryption key will then be removed in store for the customer (unless required). Devices are encrypted for the return to ensure the security of the data in transit and to comply with GDPR requirements. A copy of the data is held for a maximum of 30 days on a secure offline server before being purged, please let us know if you need this reducing or extending.


No Recovery

If a recovery is not possible then we will provide the full details as to why. The item can be returned a shipping fee or the item can be securely disposed of free of charge and provide a certificate of secure destruction.



Rig based recovery £120.00


Extended engineering, advanced board work, microsoldering £250.00

Advanced plus

Extended engineering with donor head components required and chip level recovery £325.00


Successful £0.00

Not successful or upgrade declined £20.00


Secure destroy with certificate £0.00


Charge for tampered and opened drives £50.00

Replacement Media
Drive for data, you can provide one yourself as long as it is blank, preferably new


1TB Seagate External USB HDD £50

2TB Seagate External USB HDD £70

4TB Seagate External USB HDD £90

480GB External SSD £99

960GB External SSD £185

Deposit & Final Payment

50% deposit is required upon booking.

Once job is complete, remaining balance must be cleared before device is returned to store. 

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